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Remedition Problems: Antimicrobials

The key to microbial remediation is simple:  All microbial remediation methods should address source removal since the health effects are largely from allergenic or toxigenic properties of living or dead microbes.  It is important to physically remove with cleaning processes as much as possible in cases involving immune compromised individuals at risk of infection from various species of mold as a pathogen.  Disinfectants are registered with the EPA but, there is no guarantee from the EPA that the product you select will actually work.  The EPA seal of approval is really a federal fee for manufacturers to claim they have the solution and you canít sue because your government has the lovely FIFRA exemption to hide their malfeasance in court.  Please read our content for customers for clarification.


Another problem is some people are more sensitive than others to some types of disinfectants or antimicrobials.  It is getting to be common for contractors to get sued for using products that bring health complaints from customers.


Our customers have access to this password protected document for more information to better understand their individual situations better.