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Health Effects: Other Health Effects

Mold is a known allergen for many people.  Burning eyes, sinus drainage, scratchy throats and sneezing are classic allergy responses that can be attributed to mold.  A more serious condition is aspergillosis which means the person with weak immune system can have various species of Aspergillus colonize or grow in the lungs or other areas.  Although this condition is rare in the general population, it is a nosocomial infection that can lead to death. It is important for customers to have the facts without the hype or scare tactics.  Although we do not perform any medical diagnoses, it is important to understand how health complaints can influence a microbial investigation that is beneficial to the customer.  We respect our customer's privacy and some situations are covered by HIPAA.


Our customers have access to this password protected document for more information to better understand their individual situations better.